About Us

Exceptionally creative. Unwaveringly trusted. Unabashedly fun…

STUDIOA1 is an award wining interior design studio from Northern Ireland. known for its aesthetic, quality craftsmanship and inspired approach to capturing the heart and soul of every project in masterful design detail.

Founded in 2013 , the full service firm has pushed the boundaries of interior design trends, establishing itself as a fearless leader in the creation of truly one-of-a-kind spaces locally and internationally.

We are creative team who is firmly committed to the success of every project.We provide a full range of services: beginning with the development of a design project and ending with the maintenance of construction work and object assembly.

And we like to have fun along the way.


STUDIOA1 delivers designs in the commercial, hospitality, residential and show house spaces, drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as fashion, nature, film, art and global culture.

“At first, STUDIOA1 is known for pushing the envelope with our interior design projects. Sometimes we make our client’s feel a little uncomfortable, and that’s good, because then, we know we’ve done our job.”– Charles

We believe that every project is unique, just as each client, and it’s our job to evoke that personality through space planning, material selection, furniture & décor. Interior design sets the stage for our clients goals.


We never stop working on ourselves, and we invest the gained knowledge and experience in each new project. That’s why our interiors are not only beautiful, but also practical and functional.


Each of our projects is truly unique. Borrowing and self-copying is not our way.


We keep up with the time and follow current trends in the field of the interior design.


To create a truly good design, there must be trust between the designer and the customer. We are completely open in communication and take into account all the wishes of the client.