Dark Jade


40 m²

Charles Greda

The project of the Large bedroom for a young girl from London. The main objective of the project was to create a stylish and interesting room. The customer is interested in books and hookahs, so it was necessary to provide shelves for books and a place for rest.

Minimalism & Transitional design as the main style. We have created Modern & Victorian wall paneling on the left.

The main colour range is monochrome. Dark grey walls, ceiling and textiles, light grey floor, black furniture and gold elements, The muted and strict color range is broken by bright accent details: Jade & Gold accessories , Black mirror frame in the room.

The room has several lighting scenarios. For even illumination of the entire space we have used brushed gold ceiling light and matching floor lamp.We have also used amazing post modern mushroom shape bedside lamps.

The minimum of decor is used in the space, only a black and white abstract art and decorative pillows on the windowsit which was bespoke made to suit the room.

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