Monochrome Bedroom


20 m²

Charles Greda

Bedroom design for a young couple. Our task was to create an interior that combines a modern interpretation of classical elements and minimalism. The apartment should turn out to be spacious and bright, without too much piling up of objects.

We revised the standard layout from the developer, optimizing the space for our tasks. We managed to use every square meter of this Bedroom, providing it with all the necessary functions. There is a private area with dressing room and bathroom in the master bedroom.

The design is based on a combination of classic elements in decoration with modern laconic interior items. The decoration is practically not used, all the furniture is modern and simple. Built-in wardrobes, bespoke furniture designed and supplied by STUDIOA1. Modern minimalist lights that attract the eye in every room are responsible for the light. Three main colors prevail – white, black and natural wood.

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