United Kingdom


Charles Greda

The project Gauze of a 5 bedroom house, for a young couple with children. The main objective was to create a bright, cozy interior, which will not become out-of-date in 10 years. The House is designed in modern style, in which classic elements in the finishing are combined with minimalist furniture and details in the luxury style.

Before replanning, this Lounge had very Old fire place – dated walls and lots of oak. We have dismantled all the old partitions and completely reorganized the space. The result was a spacious Lounge.

We have revised and redesigned main feature wall in the Lounge with building 2 mtr. long electric fireplace with 2 bespoke designed – made LED units. All it is finished with Marble board behind TV. We also have fitted – Georgian wall paneling to create transition between modern and traditional style.

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